Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Something Good is Cooking

When I think of placing more beans in my mouth and swallowing them I feel nauseous.

This diet has been quite a journey. I can no longer eat beans, I have eight days left ...... I hope that I can make it.

I finally got the anticipated transfusion of orencia today. I had a 9 am appointment, and the transfusion went very smoothly. It didn't hurt and the room was very calm. I had this idea that I was going to bond with my fellow transfusioners .... but no such luck. the lady next to me was asleep. On the other side of me an old man was listening to his ipod and the lady across from me fell asleep. I was wired and a little anxious about the whole process, so I was very alert and fiddled with my phone while watching Regis and Kelly since I left my book in the car.

That's all that I got for today because something smells good downstairs and I am starving.

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