Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Ok, so it is to the point where I am laughing kind of? Sort of, but I still have to make several phone calls and be put on hold and .....

What am I referring to? I had my first transfusion about three weeks ago and I received the first bill in the mail yesterday, and it is wrong. It took too long (about a month) to get everything supposedly figured out between the Duke transfusion clinic and my insurance and me ..... because I had to go and be nosey and ask how much Orencia would cost me. It was practically an unanswerable question for reasons unknown to me. Check out my blog called Mexicoma. I can't bring myself to explain the whole, "how much will this cost me fiasco again."

The bill has the wrong doctor on it and the wrong drug, but it has my name and patient ID number on it. Did I receive the correct drug three weeks ago? Who is this doctor? Did they think that I was another patient? Or, is this a data entry error? I have a bad feeling that the billing department messed up which isn't as bad as them pumping the wrong drug in my vein .... not even close.

BUT, the billing mistake means that I may have to talk to the lady who drove me crazy as I tried to figure out how much Orencia would cost me. She is very hard to understand because she doesn't make any sense. When I was younger and didn't understand someone or something I blamed it on myself. These days, I am a lot wiser and as the saying goes, "I can smell BS a mile away." I have no faith in this woman, and I worry that she will just mess things up more. Damn!

I want an assistant!

So, on of my themes for this blog is that the health care in this country is a mess. Here is one more example. You may think that I am being harsh, negative, and critical. And you are right -I am. But I am also pretty burned out from the health care system ...... I am not alone.

Please note that I complain mainly about the bureacracy and the expense of being sick. I have had countless good experiences with health care providers. The business side of being sick makes a point to vomit on everything and then it all kinda stinks. And they don't clean up after themselves either.

Ok, so now I am supposed to be at the part of my blog where I learn a lesson from my troubles.

The lesson is ...... never assume that people are confusing you because you are not comprehending things correctly. Sometimes, that person is ..... you fill in the blank. I am at the positive feel good mushy part of my blog so I can't go there.

Have faith in yourself and get to the bottom of things!

Lesson number two: Your mother was right, you are not going to like everyone that you have to interact with so suck it up .... Unless you have an assistant, then lucky you!

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